Who's The Good Dog is a Book FOR YOUR DOG. Because you love your dog THAT MUCH!


A slightly different version of our popular I Love You, Dog Book for kids and dogparents, this version is written for and meant to be gifted TO YOUR DOG!  (Because, there's no such thing as a spoiled dog)


Here's what you need to do:


  • Your Title Selection-Click on choice
  • Finish- Hardcover or Softcover (Hardcover is a premium price)
  • Add your dog picture for $5.00- Pick Yes or No
  • Pick the dog number for the cover dog (the dog closet to your dog)
  • Fill in the name of the Dog. Gender. Worst Trait. (If you don't know a worst trait, leave it blank, we have generic dog traits!)
  • Fill in the name of Owner(s) *these names will be added to the book!


Hint: You can use a CHILD's NAME as the owner to put them in the book!


THAT'S ALL YOU NEED to create a beautiful, customized colorful book for your dog.


If you want to get a little more fancy....


+Add your Dog's Photo to the book: +$5.00 --- You will need to email your picture to emanbooks@shaw.ca


+Hardcover Books are charged a premium price of an extra $10.00


If you have any questions, email emanbooks@shaw.ca and we'll get back to you within 24 hours!



Who's The Good Dog? (written TO DOG)

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