Why Should Your Kids Read to Your Dog?

Reading out loud has so many benefits, especially for kids learning how to read. Teaching kids the basics of reading out loud is something many parents do, but if you really want to set your kids up for success, they can benefit from reading to someone else in your house-your dog!

Wait. What? Your dog?

Reading to such a friendly and non-judgemental audience can boast a child’s confidence, and make learning seem fun and reading out loud less scary. Dogs aren’t judgemental. They don’t made fun of kids who are nervous about reading aloud or who mess up a word. They just listen appreciatively. (Obviously, this is not a job for a brand new or excitable dog, unless they’re worn out and are ready for a snuggle, so pick the time and place and consider the temperament of the dog)

Many kids are lucky enough to be read to by their parents all the time when they’re little. Practicing saying words back is part of learning the language.

But what about when theses kids get to school and they’re asked to read out loud for a teacher, or even the entire class?

For some kids, it can be really difficult to read out loud in front of others, and not just for kids who struggle with reading. Some kids may struggle with feeling shy or intimidated by having all the attention focused on them. They may worry about making a mistake or having their classmates judge them.

Yet, reading out loud helps kids who are learning a written language to put together sentences and understand inflection.

Reading out loud helps kids to understand tone and how to use punctuation properly and say words properly. Frankly, it’s a skill kids will need at school when they’re called on by their teachers.

So why not set your child up for success by giving them a relaxed stress-free place to practice. Many kids (and adults) feel silly reading out loud but reading to a dog gives them a captive and non-judgemental audience. Boast their confidence and improve their attitude towards reading, by making the dog a part of the process.

Kids will be better engaged and encouraged to read for longer amounts of time, when they’re reading to a furry pal, instead of alone. Dogs can help ease their stress or anxiety and offer a gentle, understanding audience. Reading to dogs is good for the kids, and for the dog.

Did you dread getting called out to read when you were in school? Maybe you still dread it at work. Why not try and make this an easier task for your child? Why not make use of your dog, (and free up some of your own time), by having your child read to your dog on a regular basis. Your kids can learn to be more comfortable with this important life skill!

As a special treat, tor young readers who love their dog, why not get the child an easy reading book that includes the dog in the story?

Who’s A Good Dog books can be customized with the child’s name and the dog’s name in the book. Your child will love reading a personalized book out loud to the dog, over and over again. And you know what they say,. practice makes us better. (for the most part, isn't perfection an illusion?)

Order a book for your child to read to your dog today!

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