Personalized Competitive Swim Books for Kids

So exciting to see kids returning to sports, for those of us in parts of the world where Covid restrictions meant no team sports. I'm currently a little obsessed with the big Canadian kids in the pool at the 2020 Olympics (happening in 2021 but whatever Covid) As a former swim mom, it's super cool to see some names in Tokoyo, names of kids that my son shared pool water with. Finlay Knox, Rebecca Smith and Cole Pratt were both swimming at the same time, (and yes they were superstars even when they were little).

Swimming was the sport my child loved. It's definitely a competitive sport, the fastest swimmer wins the race after all, and for sure, not every kid who swims will go to the Olympics. And that's okay. We celebrate the best, the elite the gifted and strong willed, but let's also celebrate the other kids who were in the pool with the best of the best. Kids like your kid and mine.

Some kids will win races. Some will make best times and some will just be happy the race is over. They'll have their own goals, and they should! There will probably always be other kids who are faster. Not every kid rises to the top. Still okay. It does not have to be the destination, it can still be a part of a child's different journey!

The sport of swimming teaches kids some good life lessons (as well as giving them a serious cardio workout). They learn about themselves, how to respond to stress and excitement and nerves. They learn how to handle competition. How to compete against their best friend, how to lose gracefully and how to win gracefully. It won't always look perfect for kids at any level.

But the best, trust me, the best is when swimmers are starting out and they're little and so cute, and they stand up there on a swim block, all by themselves and when the whistle blows they dive in and they swim. This is the time when parents can all be excited and kooky and over the top. It hasn't gotten "serious" yet.

Sometimes kids will have false starts. Sometimes they might get disqualified. There might be tears. There will be disappointments and thrills. Hopefully your child lands on a team where they are coached well and learn other great life lessons that go beyond winning. Hopefully the club you swim with will have a coaching team who celebrates all the victories, not just the fastest swimmers. Hopefully your child will make some great friends along the way. Being part of a good team environment is a great confidence builder for kids.

Don't all of want to belong to something?

Our Personalized Swim Books, called A Swimmer's Best Time, feature your child's title on the book. for example, Max's Best Time, or Chloe's Best Time. We feature your child's swim club name and the focus of each book is on YOUR child. Eman Books Personalized Swim Books also include room for a few seasons of stat tracking. We have Metric and Imperial race lengths available. There's room for team autographs and even pictures at the back of the book. The books are a KEEPSAKE that they'll want to read over and over when they are in their first years of swimming. Fill in the stats and kids will go back to the book over and over as they grow and get a kick out of their times and the little swimmer that they used to be, even if they've moved on from the sport.

A Personalized Swim Book is a snapshot of such a lovely time in life, when kids discover a sport they love! You can order one easily online right here at Eman Books. Our illustrations feature diverse characters, so swimmers really can see them themselves in the book!

So, as we see swim teams get back in the water this year, and the hope of a more normalized world continues, where swim meets can be part of swim programs again, let's celebrate and not take it for granted! Enjoy your little swimmers moments. Enjoy the small wins. Enjoy the fun! Not every kid will be the best, but every kid can make goals of their own and achieve them!

Try not to get too caught up in your own expectations or club politics or what someone else's kid is doing. (Do better than I did. Cliche alert, hindsight is 20/20) Don't compare. Let your swimmer be the one running the show, try to make it fun and keep kids in the pool as long as they will stay in it!

As the new swim season approaches, Eman Books will be sending teams information on our personalized swim books, with Team Discounts available for team orders! These are great motivational books that feature your little swimmer as they learn the sport of swimming and the excitement of getting best times!

Swim coaches or Club Managers can contact Eman Books at for price quotes. We can do personalized SWIMMER OF THE MONTH books, or WELCOME TO SWIMMING books for all the rookie swimmers on the team. It's up to you!

Individual orders for personalized books can be submitted online here at

You can also order a Non-Personalized Version of A SWIMMER'S BEST TIME on Amazon (Click Right HERE to Order) and other online book stores. This version is does not include the name of the child on the title or in the book. It retails at a lower price point.

Watch next week for our Feature of Hockey Goals, a Personalized Hockey Book for young hockey players!

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