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Meet the Newest Book from Eman Books!

Our newest personalized sports book, MY DANCING FEET, comes personalized with your favourite dancer's name on the cover and inside the book, and it's now available to order!

You can order your dancer their own dance book right here. The book includes activities like tracking dance goals and fave performances! It's a keepsake dancers will read over and over again and return to for years to come!

Did you know that there is also a generic, or non-personalized version of the book available?! Yes! It's called MY DANCING FEET and you can currently order the non personalized book on AMAZON and they will be added to other book sites soon. These are the same delightfully written book from dancing insider, Dianne Koebel-Pede, without personalization, so they come at a lesser price. A viable option for those who may want a less expensive version and don't need personalization.

Eman Books is also working on the EBook version of the non personalized, MY DANCING FEET, coming soon to online bookstores soon!

The talented author, Dianne Koebel Pede, has done a wonderful job with this book. I'm truly proud of Dianne, who is celebrating her first published book with My Dancing Feet. She's a talented writer, so I know it's the first of many titles for her.

Truly a wonderful book, and a great gift from Grandma and Grandpa, or mom and dad, this is a dance book for dancers Personalized or Non Personalized.

Order a copy of My Dancing Feet or a personalized version of the book for your dancer online today!


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