HI. I'm Janet. I wrote the book.

In the background and behind the scenes I am lurking. I'm Janet Gurtler, and I am the person behind Eman Books.

Eman is Name spelled backwards. And I'm producing custom books with people's names.... so.... it seemed to make a lot of sense...

Sometimes I think I'm clever. Sometimes I'm not.

I am a multi-published author though. In case you were wondering or cared. You may not. But I'm trying to establish some credibility here, so please bear with me. I've had seven young adult novels published. A few of them sold really well. A few didn't. But I think they were pretty good books. They're getting a little dated now. But I think story mostly stands up. Here's me on Goodreads.

I also wrote a middle grade series about Mermaids. You can have a peek if you're interested. HERE. There's not as many issues with it dating itself, because you know, it's about Mermaids who live in the ocean and come and visit on land. But they have rules, people. Anyhow. They're very cute and I didn't illustrate them, but they have beautiful illustrations. They really do. They even got translated into Spanish. Which quite impressed me as I don't even speak it.

I've also written quite a few other kids books, mostly for the education market. And I've been published in many magazines and a few anthologies. Again. Laying down some foundations here. I am a professional writer. Ish. I mean there's the whole imposter syndrome, but for real. The books are real. Screw my inferiority complex and hear me roar.

And here we are now, I've decided to venture into a new world. The world of PERSONALIZED books. I've always been the person who stops at name displays, and picks up personalized Christmas ornaments and books marks and well, you get the picture. I put the two together. Books and Personalization!

These custom books, that I think are kind of adorable, are available now. There are books about Dogs, books about swimming and hockey is about a month from launching. I hired another author to write that one, and she did an amazing job! We will be adding more books too. Dance and Soccer are up next. And all these books are designed to be a keepsake and to capture a special time in your child's life.

I remember being a kid and really loving books. I hope kids still feel that way today, but I don't know that many do. There's so many other distractions. They're not all bad. But still. I think there has to be room for books too. Maybe it's because I'm a writer, but mostly I think it's just because I love stories so much. I love words so much.

In 2021, when everyone has a podcast or a YouTube or an Instagram Video account (I know that's not actually a thing, but you know what I mean) Here I am. On the computer. Typing. Because words. And writing. That's how I've always expressed myself best. I'm old fashioned. And just kind of old. Haha. Don't you worry. I'm okay with that.

Anyhow. I loved books as a kid. And reading. My son didn't have the same love of reading that I had. Not naturally. It was odd for me, because I grew up in a family of readers. My dad reads a lot. My older brother Ian, who passed away too early, he read a lot. My other brother reads a lot too. But he was kind of meh.

I worked at getting my son to read though. Because it was important to me. I suppose I worked at it more because I write books! I love reading. And I wanted him to experience some of that love. I offered him every book I could think of that might interest him. I didn't turn my nose up at Graphic Novels or books about things he was interested in. We kept offering and I remember how much joy I felt when he finally read a book for pleasure and loved it. Loved the story. It was very rewarding for me. And he may have been aware of that, but still. He loved the story.

My point, and I got a lot distracted there, because that's how I roll, but my point is that I know he would have loved the Dog Book when he was a younger kid, (and the Swim Book). Because kids like their name. They want to feel special. They want to be the star of something. And the books I've designed are easy reading, but fun enough that it's okay for kids who are good readers to enjoy them too. They're silly and about something they love, and if a kid can have fun reading. Well. Isn't that always a win?! Books don't have to be hard all the time. They really don't.

The dog books invite your child by name into a funny mystery as your dog tries to find out who the good dog is. The Dog Books are silly story and catch your dog being a bit of a stinker but still wanting to get the title of being the good dog.

Your child can laugh along with the book and with you, about some of the silly things your dog does. It's great bonding for the whole family. And when the kids get older and outgrow the books, tuck them away. They're the kind of keepsake you can take out when your kids are grown and they can look at this amazing book about them and their beloved dog (or the sport they so loved), and they'll just feel good things and have great memories. And don't we all need to feel good!

The Sports books are similar. They are a cute little inspirational tale about your child doing the sport they love. It includes stat pages and room for autographs from teammates. Again. Something your children will love to read when they're young, and will love to look back on when they're grown. Keepsake, customized books!

Eman Books hired a lovely company called Jupiter's Muse and our books are illustrated by the very talented Stefanie St. Denis. She, like myself, is Canadian. I also hired professional designers for the books and have them professionally printed and shipped directly to your home or the address you request.

Of course if there's an issue with any book you receive, I'll make it right. Not that I'm expecting you'll have problems, I just want you to know, that if you do, I will make things right.

I'm Janet. And I'm the person you will chat with about your book. You can ask me questions by email or even text me or call me for help.

My publishing company makes professionally written, professionally illustrated, designed and produced books. I hope you love your book as much as I do.

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