Eman Books is Back!

Things have been kind of quiet over here at Eman Books. Well, not so quiet behind the scenes, but quiet on the website. But not anymore! We're settled into a new address and ready to stir things up in the children's personalized book world!

My family moved back into the city and that involved months of reno's and then house showings and then in the crazy housing market. our house sold rather quickly and we started to pack it all up.

We had a short camping stint in between the sale of our old house and the moving into the new house, and then days and days of unpacking. Those of you who have moved recently know the drill. And when you get older and accumulate more stuff and downsize, well. Things take a little longer. But now. Here we are. Finally back on the computer and back to getting things moving and shaking at Eman Books.

Our personalized dance book is now in production and ready for sale by September 1, 2021! Just in time for little dancers to get on their ballet or tap shoes and add a personalized book to mark the journey! What a great Christmas gift a personalized book would make, mom and dad, or Auntie and Uncle. Grandma. We know you're on board!

The book is going to be super cute and the illustrations are amazing. Dancing Feats is written by Alberta author, Dianne Pede, the newest author to join the Eman Books family. We'll meet her soon, right here on this blog!

Also, in case you missed it, personalized hockey books are also available now! HOCKEY GOALS is ready for little boys and girls who are starting up hockey again. (Kyle's Hockey Goals or Tracey's Hockey Goals) Personalized hockey books will make a GREAT GIFT for birthdays and Christmas, so remember to order as soon as you can to ensure your book makes it on time. Mail is a challenge in Canada sometimes, you know??

We also have books for new competitive swimmers and they're great! A Swimmer's Best Time, when personalized becomes EMMA'S Best Time, or Finlay's Best Time. Whatever the child who is receiving the book answers to! Our sport books are suited to young children starting out in their sport. 4-8 years old.

Lastly, don't forget our popular and adorable personalized dog books. They're personalized to a child or a dog owner and feature a cartoon version of the dog, and the dog's name on the coverand on the title, and then the dog is featured in the cute little story about finding the good dog. The owner or child are also mentioned in the book and it's personalized with some of the dog's traits, so it really does feel custom!! Picture book style but suitable for all ages!

Hope everyone is staying safe and feeling well. Nice to see kids back to doing their sports again, and hoping, like all of you, that this whole Covid nightmare is starting to lessen and impact our lives less and less. It's been a weird year and a half. But it looks like it's getting better!

More good news from Eman Books will be coming soon, so stay tuned!


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