Can You Find Your Name?

There’s always been something special to me about finding my name on a custom item. Even at my age, I will almost always stop at a personalized product display and look for my name on personalized items. Christmas ornaments are a favorite. Or necklaces or bracelets. Maybe even a bookmark.

Our names have a lot of power to us, and I’m not immune. We were taught to respond to our name before we even knew how to speak. Names are a big part of who we are. And don’t we all want to be a little special? I guess I do.

I’m not a psychologist, but it’s easy to recognize that seeing our name on things gives us a feeling

of being special. We claim the item the way we claim our names. It’s mine. It’s me. It’s special. It’s nice to have something that represents you.

Even nicer to have something that makes you feel unique. Julie can’t wear a necklace that says Janet. Well, she could. I mean, there’s no law that says she can’t, but it’s not authentic. It would be like false advertising.

Unless your parents did you wrong, your name makes you feel special. And it also makes you belong to an incredibly unique clique. It’s always a trip for me to meet another Janet because we instantly have something very deep and meaningful in common. Of course, my name is not a popular one, so it’s more unusual than maybe a Britney or Brad. I don’t know what it’s like to have a name that is shared by many, but I’m sure it’s still the same. Is your name popular? How do you feel when you meet other people who share your name?

Coke figured it out when they started putting names on limited runs of coke personal size bottles. I don’t know if that’s what they call it, personal sized bottles, but kudos to their marketing team for the concept and being bold enough to try it and assume people would still buy the bottles, even if it wasn’t their name on the bottle.

Of course, the odds of me finding my name on items in today’s world has gone way down. Janet is not a young person’s name. Now it’s Emma or Ava or Brooklyn. But I’ll still look for Janet. And the names of people I know.

Eman Books reflects that love of mine. Eman spelled backwards is Name. And that’s

what I am aiming to do. Create personalized books. You don't have to look for your name, because we can add any name you give us. That's the beauty of custom books. I’d love to be a small part of making someone feel special by putting their name in a book. Or the name of their dog (adding in the name of the owner with the dog though, because well why NOT?)

Part of who I am as a person is someone who loves to give. Or maybe it’s that I like to make people feel happy. I love to give people things. I love to try and make people feel good. I like to remember little things about people that make them feel special and ask them about those things. I think some people are just born to be givers, and I am one of those people.

So, we have books that feature people’s names. We put a part of them in the book. We want to try and be a small part of making people feel good, just for a moment. There’s more to it than that. The sports books are aimed at young kids, who are just discovering a sport. It puts them in the story, the kid who is just learning. It is meant to be a celebration of that discovery. Not a measure of how fast, good, strong, competitive they are. Not yet. It captures a more pure and innocent time when it’s just FUN. That’s magic. Like finding your name on something and experiencing a small but tangible joy!

We started small with competitive swimming books, but hockey, soccer and dance are coming soon!

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