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A Word Search for Swimmers!

In this midst of this pandemic that we are all so tired of, but still have to deal with, many kids are out of the pool. I'm sure it's a worry for many, losing momentum, losing kids at the time when they're most ready to learn and grow. Parents and coaches are trying to keep up dryland training, but really there's nothing like the feel of the water, and these kids must miss it. Maybe they don't miss getting up at 5am to swim in the morning, but maybe they do!

I don't have a solution. I can't WAIT until we get to a point in the world where kids can swim and go to swim meets together and hang out and share iPhones to listen to music. Team bonding, personal development, there's so much about swimming to miss!

Some kids are swimming in different parts of the world, but in Canada, right now most pools are closed. They will open again one day, and in the meantime, try to keep up your spirits and faith that swim meets will happen again! We won't take for granted our sore butts or entire weekends officiating poolside, will we???

To give a child, a brief feeling of what it's like to be on a swim team, have them work on this WORD SEARCH. (Don't tell them it's good for their brains, just tell them it's about swimming)

Feel free to print and enjoy! I'll be posting more craft ideas and puzzles for kids. If you have any requests, let me know. And remember, our Swimmer's Best Time Books are available personalized. They may not be able to swim right now, but they can be reminded of how much they love the sport they WILL be able to get back to !

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