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Meet The Creators


Janet Gurtler

Author of A Swimmer's Best Time and Who's A Good Dog?


Janet Gurtler is a multi-published author, and is also the owner of Eman Books.


Janet has always delighted in finding things with her name on them. Or her kid's name. Or hubby's.Or niece. Or, well, you get the idea.


Janet's healthy addictions include coffee, books and long walks with Betty White (a Golden Retriever. Not actually, you know, Betty White)

Janet loves dogs, singing along to loud music and thinks little kids are hilarious. 


Dianne Koebel-Pede

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    Author of Dancing Feats


Dianne Koebel-Pede’s life long calling has been turning work into play. Whether reviewing, reading, or writing children’s books, this grand adventure has been rewarded and sprinkled with tons of laughter, gratitude, and awe. (Let’s not forget zillions of mistakes, which she refers to as opportunities for growth!)  


Dianne lives in the swampland bordering the Alberta Rocky Mountains, and wearing rubber boots to cut the grass is a necessity at times. She shares her swamp with birds, bumblebees, mosquitos, and her hilarious husband, Don.


After teaching and loving both kids and books for 34 years, she spends her days writing, hiking, tap dancing, reading, and learning as much as possible. One of her favourite former gigs was accidentally owning a dance studio, then writing and choreographing musicals for students to perform in. Her two favourite sayings are: ‘I’ll try anything once,’ and ‘How hard can it be?’ 

Suzanne Hale

Author of Hockey Goals

Jupiter's Muse 

Illustrator for Eman Books

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