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Choose the dog number for the dog  that most looks like yours to go on the cover. 

The title includes the name of the child (or dog owner) and the dog.

The book is about the dog's friends helping the dog figure out who the good dog is.

It's personalized with some of your dog's traits so it feels very customized. The books are colorful, fun and meant to make people feel good. It ends with a declaration of love from the dog!

Including a picture of the dog is optional, the cartoon dog on the cover can also be used inside the book for the "Good Dog Certificate" 

Includes room to write facts about the dog, too!


Choose your kids sport and personalize them a book about their new love for that sport. 

Your child's name goes on the cover and is included throughout the book. We can include team names as well! 

Our books feature diverse characters and are a motivational story featuring your child as they explore the reasons they love their new sport and the things they are learning. 

All books include fun stat pages to fill in! A great keepsake!

A Swimmer's Best Time

Competitive Swimming

Hockey Goals

Dance Feats- soon!

Soccer Goals- soon!


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