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Our Custom Books Are Great Gifts!

 Eman Books makes high quality gifts for kids. We also make great books for dogs and people

who love them both!

Our books are great gifts for kids

(and by that we mean  kids of all ages)

Dog Books can be customized for a Child or dog mom and/or dog dads,! Dog Books can be personalized to anyone who love their dogs!

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Competitive Swimmer Customized Book

Competitive Swimmer Customized Book

DOG NAME Loves OWNER-  Custom Book

DOG NAME Loves OWNER- Custom Book

Rainbow Bridge Dogs

Rainbow Bridge Dogs

Hockey Goals Book

Hockey Goals Book

Inspiring books about things kids love. 

They're keepsakes that they'll go back to over and over.  

Eman Books is proudly Canadian.

We publish Canadian authors and illustrators. We also sell Good Dog Merchandise featuring the dogs from our Good Dog Book series!

Our books make GREAT GIFTS! Personalized for special people.

Use as a alternative to a plaque or medal. What a great year end award!



“This book is hilarious and accurate! We love it! Thank you!"
Ciara, Miley's  Mom in Winnipeg Manitoba

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