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Um, Hello. These books are so darn cute.  Dog Owners of ALL AGES will be thrilled to own one!
Choose from our cartoon dogs and  customize a book written directly to  a CHILD
or to a DOG OWNER!

TIP- If there's more than one dog or owner-  include it in the dog name notes or owner notes

  • Pick a cartoon dog  number of dog you want on your cover.

  • Choose a format,

  • Fill in the details. 

  • Voila! 

A Gift of Happiness! 


Promotes Love of Reading


Reading out loud is something many kids aren't comfortable doing, but it's a skill they NEED at school. Did you know that reading to dogs is an excellent way to encourage kids to read aloud?


Dogs are good listeners and non judgmental, and kids will love to read a book that is about the two of them! 

Even kids who are excellent readers will benefit from reading aloud and acquiring a life long skill!

Give your child a personalized book about the dog they are reading to (and love!)

An easy to read story,  featuring friends helping search for that elusive good dog . It ends with a declaration of  love for owner or child! 

 A book to read over and over.


Who's The Good Dog?

We can even customize a  book written directly
to the DOG,

Email us for a custom book


Put  up to three dogs in a story!

  • Pick a cartoon dog  number of dog you want on your cover.. 

  • Choose a format,

  • Give us n the details. 

  • Voila! 

A Great Gift FOR YOUR DOG 

Choose Your Dog Number

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Choose the book 

Choose your dog number!


Choose the  format. 

*hardcover is a premium price

Send us the details

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If you decide to add a dog's picture- email it

If you have any questions,

email us and we'll help you!

Production and Shipping

Soon after

you pay you book goes into production. It will take up to a week to be produced and then it's shipped to the shipping address you defined. 

Allow a little extra time for shipping because of Covid and postal issues!

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