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Truly Personalized

EMAN is NAME spelled backwards. And that's what we make, name books.

Personalized books made to order!

Books for kids who are learning a new sport

Books for kids and their dog

Dog books are great for dog owners too!


from you

at the front of the book


Great Gifts!

  Feel good about gifting a custom made

book from Eman Books.


 Personalized books are a pleasure to give

and a pleasure to receive! 

 Eman Books make unique gifts that kids will love. Kids love their name! Put them in a book!

Our books are high quality and fun.


Please allow extra time for production delivery.

 Order early for gifting!


Story Time

Inspiring personalized books about things kids love with THEM in the story!

Simple Maple Leaves

Eman Books is proudly Canadian.

We publish Canadian authors and illustrators. 


TEAMS- an alternative to a plaque or medal. What a great year end award!

Review from Aleia- A Customized Dog Book

 I received a personalized book titled, “I love my mom” with an amazing (and very accurate) cartoon photo of my dog, Jackson. The book is absolutely adorable and would be a thoughtful gift for anyone with a fur child. They captured Jacksons personality to a tee in the story. I will cherish this book forever!


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