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EMAN is NAME spelled backwards. And that's what we make, name books. Personalized books made

to order!

Put your child in the book.

Or put a dog owner in the book!


You can even create a book personalized FOR YOUR DOG. 



Our books are adorable and fun.


They're easy reading and cute, and are suitable for kids of all ages! 

Our sport books are designed for kids new to their sport! 


Easily Create Your Custom Book !



Eman Books are professionally written and illustrated!  You've come to the right place for a gorgeous, high quality custom book.  

We make books for kids OR dog owners about their dog. 

We make kids books about kids learning their favorite sport!

Click below on the cover of the book you'd like to create.

Just fill in a few details, so easy.

Remember- Hardcover is premium and adding photo's is extra and always optional.

Great Gifts!

Be proud to gift one of Eman Books, personalized books. Thoughtful and customized, our books feel good to give  and receive!

Show you care with customized books!


Our books make unique gifts that kids will cherish, because it's about them and something they love! 

Eman Books are high quality, personalized books.


We're custom so we take a little longer and mail is well, sometimes   slow these days.  


Please allow extra time for delivery and order early for gifting!



 Click On A Title Below To Create YOUR Book !

Inspiring personalized books about things kids love with THEM in the story!

Eman Books is proudly Canadian.

We publish Canadian authors and illustrators. 


TEAMS- an alternative to a plaque or medal. What a great year end award!



“This book is hilarious and accurate! We love it! Thank you!"
Ciara, Miley's  Mom in Winnipeg Manitoba

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